Southwest Scriptwriters brings together stage, screen, radio and television drama writers based in and around Bristol to develop and promote their work.

Our meetings at Bristol Old Vic feature open workshops, single script development sessions and seminars on scriptwriting technique. We also organise special events to expose members’ work to a wider audience.

We welcome everyone from beginners to experienced writers.

Why join?

Southwest Scriptwriters is a rare chance to get feedback on your scripts and hear how they com across in performance, helping you rewrite them to improve your chances of getting work produced.

What happens at a meeting?

Our open workshop meetings feature readings of members’ scripts or script extracts followed by discussions offering constructive feedback. We also run occasional sessions on specific aspects of scriptwriting and discussing produced scripts to see how they work.

Explore our newsletters to find out about our activities since 1996.

How do I join?

Just come along to a meeting — visit our What’s on page for a list of upcoming dates.

How much does it cost?

Everyone pays £2 at meetings they attend.

How do I get my script read?

We like to read ten- to 20-minute extracts of work by new members before taking on a full-length script. Book a slot in an open workshop session after you’ve been to a few meetings. If all goes well, we’ll then schedule a reading of your complete script.

Do you also work with comedy writers?

Yes — by ‘drama writers’ we mean writers of fictional scripts for live or recorded performance rather than making a generic distinction (as in drama versus comedy). If you’re writing a stage farce, TV sitcom, big screen romcom, satirical radio sketches or similar, you’re welcome to develop your work with Southwest Scriptwriters!

I'm a producer looking for a script — can you help me?

Yes As well as working to develop scripts, we connect writers with drama producers.

Please email us with details of the kind of script you’re seeking. We might suggest something immediately, or we’ll put out a call in our newsletter for members to contact you with ideas.