Here’s news of a screenwriting event this Wednesday and notice of a change in the starting time for the final meeting of our upcoming season:

Who’s the author. Confessions of Screenwriter — Allan Cubitt
Watershed, Waterside 1: 15 November (19.00-21.00)

Visual Culture Research Group, Bristol School of Art, Media and Design, University of the West of England.

In a wide-ranging discussion with Dr Andrew Spicer, Reader in Cultural History at the University of the West of England, Allan Cubitt an acclaimed writer for film and television — Murphy’s Law, Prime Suspect 2, The Painted Lady — will explore the ways in which the screenwriter strives to be creative but also satisfy the demands of the marketplace.

Topics to be covered include:

  • The nature of screenwriting (differences with play or novel writing)
  • The status of the screenwriter — originator or collaborator? Relations with other creative personnel (director/producer/actors/cinematographer)
  • Differences between writing for film and television
  • Adaptation: Fidelity to the original? A creative interpretation? (Anna Karenina, The Hound of the Baskervilles)
  • Writing an original screenplay (The Countess Alice)
  • Writing for an established genre series (Murphy’s Law)

There will be an opportunity for questions after the discussion.


Southwest Shorts screening/Christmas drinks now starts at 8pm
The screening of the winning entries in this year’s Southwest Shorts competition — The Messenger by Adrian Henderson and Taking the Biscuit by Margaret Crump — on Tuesday, 5 December will now start at the later time of 8pm. This is to give us time to convert the Macready Room to a cinema.


Thanks for your support!
Tim Massey would like to thank all of you who came to see his play, Salt’n’Sauce, at the Alma Tavern over the last two weeks — the show is the box office hit of Theatre West’s autumn season so far. You can read Tim’s blog of the production process (which he’s still updating) and find other information on the play here.