Later starting time for our meeting on Tuesday, 17 February
Tomorrow’s meeting featuring a reading of William House’s one-act play, The Last Fish, will begin at the later time of 8pm to allow for the arrival of the entire cast. Please spread the word.


BBC writersroom presents breakers
BBC writersroom presents breakers, the launch of a BBC/South West Screen search for new television writers in the south west and an insight into writing for television with Kate Rowland, Creative Director, BBC New Writing and Ashley Pharoah (Down to Earth, The Eustace Brothers) Thursday, 26 February, 6pm -7.30pm. Exeter Phoenix, Devon.

BBC writersroom


The Cafédirect 5065 Lift
Edinburgh Fringe 2004 — Looking for new writing, performing and film-making talent

The Cafédirect 5065 Lift is looking for exciting new writing, theatre, comedy, music and short film for this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Measuring 2m square the 5065 Lift is one of the world’s smallest venues — an,actual free-standing, purpose built, portable elevator. It can hold an audience of 15, it can be converted into a mini cinema and has consistently been packed with the best new writing, cutting edge comedy, live music, film and theatre since it made its debut at the 2002 Edinburgh Fringe to great,critical acclaim. In 2003 it rested on the beach at the Brighton Fringe andmin the Pleasance Courtyard in Edinburgh. Some of the shows then went on independently to the Soho Theatre New Writing Festival. Although where them5065 Lift is landing in Edinburgh this year has not been confirmed, from previous experience it will be different and exciting and attract a high profile.

5065 is a new writing venue, so if you have a new script you would like to see produced we will have a small in-house company looking to develop, direct, cast and stage the show. Unfortunately there are no commission fees available to writers — this is an opportunity for writers interested in having their work seen at the Edinburgh Festival, something which can be expensive for even the biggest names. If you have a film you would like to see screened, please note we can only consider finished work, as we cannot finance a script you would like to shoot.

We are looking to programme shows that come under the broad theme of ‘dream’. Dreaming can be personal, political, adventurous, ambitious, fantastical, frightening and hilarious. It moves you to foreign worlds — in the future, in the past, places that never existed, or places that are right in front of you if only you could get there.

We can only consider work that engages with and embraces the challenges and rewards of this unique space, that deals with a literally up-close and ‘in-yer-face’ audience. Please detail in your submission how you would address these issues. If you are interested in working in the Cafédirect 5065 Lift contact us with either:

  • A one page proposal of your show, and the script or a sample scene
  • A one page proposal of your show and other examples of scripted work
  • A one page proposal of your show and a video/audio recording of your comedy/musical act
  • A VHS copy of your film you wish to be considered

The closing date for all submissions is 8 March 2004. With all submissions, please include a short biography, previous reviews and any other supporting materials you think would be good for us to see. Note that for the comfort of the audience shows should probably not be longer than 30-40 minutes — shorter if you’re not planning on opening the doors during the performance. Remember when we say it is an elevator it is actually an elevator!


Tickets for Writing Courses at the London Book Fair for sale
Ann-Marie McCormack has tickets for writing courses at the London Book Fair for sale, details of which were published in our last newsletter.