February’s session falls next Tuesday, 13, in the Rehearsal Room at Bristol Old Vic.

Enter the theatre complex via the Stage Door entrance off Queen Charlotte Street, BS1 4HJ, sign in, and go directly to the meeting on the second floor — please ask the Stage Door staff if you need directions. Everyone attending pays £2.

Tuesday, 13 February at 8pm: Good Night for Nightmares by Karolina Kew

Karolina’s stage play is the story of the corruption and downfall of dreamers whose lives’ ambitions turn into nightmares: Two athletes clash in a battle of wits; the undefeated champion versus a challenger desperate for a single win. A cursed princess is forced to choose between her life and her dignity.

Tonight’s meeting also features scenes from Menna Ahmed’s full-length screenplay.

Tuesday, 27 March at 8pm: Royal International by Anton Paulissen

A complete reading of Anton’s feature-length political comedy: The elite members of a large international bank are forced to do their own cleaning in a lavish London hotel.

Tuesday, 24 April at 8pm: Open Workshop

Work by Drew Holt, Alexandra Randall and Brian Weaving features in tonight’s line-up.

Drew’s TV script, Clocked, centres on two directionless twenty-something graduates who meet by chance on a bench. After sharing confidences, they decide to work together to help resolve their respective woes — one, monetary, the other, mental. They soon realise that most people are as aimless as them.

We’re also concluding our reading of Alex’s screenplay, Assent, following a positive reception for the first part at December’s meeting. The drama centres on a married man with undiagnosed ephebophilia — sexual attraction to adolescents.

Brian has one of his popular 500-word scripts as a terse complement for tonight’s triptych.


Theatre503 Playwriting Award 2018 open for entries

London’s Theatre503 is accepting entries for its 2018 Playwriting Award until 11.59pm on 31 March.

Supported by performing arts charity The Carne Trust and theatrical publisher Nick Hern Books, the worldwide Award supports debut and emerging writers over 16 years old — those who have not had a play professionally performed for four weeks or more in a subsidised London, major regional or international venue.

The Award oiffers a prize of £6000 plus a guaranteed production by Theatre503 to its winning entry. Its judges will select the winner anonymously from entries submitted through Theatre503’s website before the above deadline.

Learn more


AudioJam seeks plays for streaming

AudioJam is a new platform producing and streaming audio drama and audiobooks.

It holds quarterly competitions to find work by writers of audio plays, audiobooks, monologues and short stories to record with professional actors and broadcast through its website.

The competition for 2018’s first quarter seeks audio play scripts to be submitted by midnight on 31 March. AudioJam will select up to five winning entries to record and stream.