Our second summertime Zoom session next Wednesday, 6 July, aims to kickstart your scriptwriting to meet a December deadline. Join us using the ‘I’m attending’ button on our ‘What’s on’ page to contribute your £2 subs and receive the meeting’s Zoom login details.

Wednesday, 6 July at 7.30pm on Zoom: Let’s get started on Open Call

Let's get started
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BBC Writersroom’s Open Call is a series of script submission windows during which the corporation’s writer development team invites you to send an example of your work to help it discover new talent.

Writersroom schedules its drama and comedy-drama window to span the New Year period — it was last open between 9 December 2021 and 13 January 2022 — and is planning another this year.

Adrian Harris is leading this evening’s meeting and is aiming to submit a script in December’s Open Call. He’s facing a blank screen with no plans so far for the story he’ll tell. Join Adrian in setting out on writing a script of your own for the initiative. It’s a chance for the group to offer mutual support on a quest to impress Writersroom — we’ll be checking in with you between now and December to see how your script is shaping up and to offer development support.

Writersroom’s Open Call is a great opportunity for writers of drama or comedy-drama for all media as it accepts film, TV, radio, stage or online scripts including those aimed at children, making it a helpful goal on which we can focus between now and the New Year. Please note, though, that we’re doing this as an in-group initiative without any endorsement from or contact with BBC Writersroom.

Let’s get started!


What’s Your Story? for The Evening Standard

The Evening Standard is accepting entries for its Stories Competition until 24 July.

The contest invites you to answer the question ‘What’s your story?’ in 1000 words or fewer or in a two-minute video. Choose to write your entry as a stage, screen or audio script, as prose narrative or in poetry.

The Evening Standard will invite the winner to perform the top entry at its Stories Festival 2022 in Central London in late September; tour its offices with a senior editor; have the winning entry published on its website; and meet for a one-to-one advice session with Jessica Loveland, Head of New Writing at the BBC. It plans to announce more prizes later.

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