Welcome to our handy guide to joining our meetings on Zoom!

If you’re reading this, you might well already have paid your £2 subscription for the meeting you’re going ti join, and should have an email from us including a link, meeting ID and passcode for the session. If you haven’t made a payment, please go to either our latest newsletter or our What’s on page and select and pay for your meetings there.

When you have the meeting details, here’s how to join:

  1. Use the Zoom app to access meetings.

    Download the app from Zoom

  2. Install and launch the Zoom app on your device — you will see a screen with options to ‘Join a Meeting’ or ‘Sign In’.

    Zoom app login screen

  3. Click or tap the ‘Join a Meeting’ option. The app will show the following:

    Zoom app Join Meeting screen

  4. Type in the meeting ID from our email and the same name you used when paying your subs, then tap or click the ‘Join’ button to show the following:

    Zoom app meeting passcode screen

  5. Enter the meeting passcode from our email and tap or click the ‘Join Meeting’ button.
  6. When you’ve connected to the meeting, the Zoom app will show you a screen asking you to wait for it to begin (if it hasn’t already started). You can check that your device’s speakers are working while you’re waiting by clicking or tapping the ‘Test Audio’ button.

    Awaiting meeting start dialogue box

  7. When we start the meeting, you’ll see the video preview dialogue box, which lets you see how you’ll appear to everyone in the meeting. When you’re happy with this, tap or click ‘Join with Video’.

    Video preview dialogue

  8. You’ll enter a ‘waiting room’ that displays the following screen. Please bear with us as we may have a few things to sort out — we’ll let you in soon!

    Zoom waiting room dialogue

  9. On entering the meeting, your microphone will be muted to avoid confusing crosstalk and so that late arrivers won’t disturb any activities in progress. We’ll go through how the meeting will work at the beginning and you’ll have plenty of chances to speak!