We’re back following our extended summer break on Tuesday, 6 October, for the first meeting in a ten-week autumn season.

We’re meeting mostly as usual in Waterside 1 at Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX with one exception — see below for the alternative activity on Tuesday, 20 October.

Tuesday, 6 October at 7.30pm: Home from Home by Brian Weaving

Tonight’s meting features Brian’s short play that proposes a solution to the problems faced by care homes.

Tuesday, 13 October at 7.30pm: Boy by Bruce Fellows

This evening we’re taking another look at Bruce’s play about misplaced family.

Tuesday, 20 October at 7.30pm: Citizen George by Brian Weaving *** at Brass Works Theatre ***

Join us at Brass Works Theatre in Tower Lane, Warmley, BS30 8XT, for BWT’s production of Brian’s revolutionary play. See below for more information.

Tuesday, 27 October at 7.30pm: Insurgent by Haider Al-lami

Haider has completed his screenplay set in the aftermath of the Iraq war following a positive reaction from the group to the opening scenes at a previous meeting. Find out how the action develops tonight.

Tuesday, 3 November at 7.30pm: Inappropriate by Jesse Marbulcanti

In the first episode of Jesse’s TV series, Sophie Bishop crawls back home after finishing uni, but it isn’t the reprieve she was hoping for: now she has to find a job. To her surprise, a way out of the doldrums of adult life appears before her. She could become a professional dominatrix, but is it worth it if her family has to pay the price?

This autumn’s next five meetings continue on 10 November — find a full list of dates on our What’s on page — more details nearer the time.


Citizen George at Brass Works Theatre

Citiuzen George by Brian Weaving

Brass Works Theatre’s production of Citizen George — Brian Weaving’s play set during the French Revolution and first developed with Southwest Scriptwriters during 2010 — starts its two-week run in Warmley on Monday, 12 October.

‘It is Paris, November 1793. The Terror is at its height. Marie Antoinette followed the moderate politicians, the Girondists, to the guillotine in October. The blade can’t fall fast enough. Extremism rules.
‘Robert, a garrulous politician, and Count Carpet, a supercilious aristocrat, are outraged at being imprisoned with Citizen George, a thieving soldier. George’s arrogant and enigmatic attitude make him a bad enough cellmate for the Count and the dipper, but they find his being black utterly intolerable.
‘The inmates’ close confinement forces them and their bigoted gaoler to confront their prejudices. Then Robespierre, the author of The Terror, pays a visit. As always, death follows hard on his heels.’

The play, based on the life of noted musician, athlete and soldier, Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799), boasts a strong, all-female cast — a comment on contemporary inequality.

Citizen George is at Brass Works Theatre, Tower Lane, Warmley, Bristol, BS30 8XT, from 12 to 24 October with performances at 7.30pm on Monday to Saturday, and a 2.30pm matinee on 24 October. We’ve set aside Tuesday, 20 October, to see the play instead of attending a group meeting, but please do try to catch another performance if you can’t make it on the 20th — it’s a great chance to see work developed in the group come to fruition.